How To Find Broadway Cave In The Superstition Mountains, AZ

There is something about a cave that fascinates adventurers like me. It may be the uncharted mystery of what is inside or thrill of danger that draws us in…or it could just be because the window makes the best frame for silhouette photos!

Either way, the Broadway Cave in the Superstition Mountains is one of those gems hidden right in front of your eyes and has all the elements to lure you in. I’ve been to this part of the Superstition Mountains countless times and never noticed it’s big gaping window in the distance.

Easily overlooked, the Broadway Cave is one of the better caves I’ve been to in Arizona and was surprisingly deep! How deep into the darkness are you willing to explore?

This is one hike of many amazing hikes in the Supes. Visit 14 BEST Superstition Mountain Hikes: Complete Guide for more!

Broadway Cave Hike Stats

  • Hiking Distance | 4 miles RT
  • Difficulty | Easy – Moderate
  • Elevation Gain | 862 feet
  • Total Time | 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Permits/Fees | None
  • Trailhead | Broadway Trailhead
  • Road Conditions | Paved
  • Dog Friendly | Yes

Below is a map of the route to Broadway Cave in the Superstition Mountains.

Map Of Broadway Cave Trail.

Preparation saves lives. Know where you are going ahead of time and always have a way to keep yourself on trail. One way to do this is with a GPS system or app like Gaia GPS.

You can download my Broadway Cave hike and gain access to my library of all tracked hikes. Once downloaded, you can load it into your own trusty device for ease of mind!

How To Get To Broadway Cave Trailhead

Broadway Trailhead Signage.

Getting to the trailhead is actually very easy! The Broadway Trailhead is tucked into a neighborhood which backs up to the Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction. There is small parking lot to park at which has maybe 6 spots altogether.

To get there you can input it into Google Maps or follow these directions- from Phoenix you’ll take US-60 East. You’ll follow it until the expressway turns into a 2 lane road and eventually you’ll turn left on Mountain View Road. Proceed down this road until you reach Broadway Ave which will be on your right. Turn right onto this road and not long after you’ll arrive at the parking lot on your left.

When To Hike Broadway Cave

Like most hikes in the desert it is best to visit during fall, winter, or spring. In Phoenix this really means November-April. During these months the temperatures will be cooler and more comfortable to hike in!

The summer will be extremely hot and since the hike is completely exposed it can quickly become dangerous. If you do visit during the summer I highly recommend hiking for sunset or sunrise in order to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Luckily this is the perfect hike for sunrise or sunset! I think hiking at sunset just adds to the overall eerie experience and makes it that much more fun. Just don’t forget your headlamp so you can see the trail!

The Hike: Broadway Cave

The beginning of the Broadway Trail is flat and easy to follow but it is rocky so you’ll want to watch your footing. Along the way there will be several off-trails that you may be tempted to follow and it can get confusing.

Using the Gaia App along the way really helped keep me on the trail and be sure I took the correct turns!

Since the Broadway Trail begins in a neighborhood you’ll be able to see the back of a few houses in the beginning. The entire area is open and you’ll feel like you’re just hiking through a large field for a while.

Hiking to Broadway Cave.

At .5 miles you’ll hike upon the first sign which is where you’ll keep left along the Jacob Crosscut Trail.

Once you hike upon the second sign (pictured above) you’ll keep right this time, headed towards Broadway Cave. The trail narrows quite a bit and it becomes even more rocky at this point.

View Of Broadway Cave Trail.

Even though the area seems wide open, the views are still gorgeous. The closer you get to the foot of the Superstition Mountains the more cacti there are and the city grows more distant.

You’ll actually be able to see the gaping window of Broadway Cave as you’re hiking towards it! It is easy to spot, but if you don’t know to look for it you can easily miss it.

Broadway Cave, Superstition Mountains.

You’ll begin climbing the majority of the hike’s elevation once you reach the base of the cave. This is where the hike becomes moderate and gets your blood flowing. Roughly 862 feet in elevation later and you’ll be looking into the grand entrance of Broadway Cave.

While climbing elevation the trail is very narrow and requires a bit of scrambling, but nothing too crazy. I’d suggest wearing long pants and to watch for rattle snakes in this area!

Once you climb into the cave you’ll probably be just as surprised as I was at the grandness if it all. Also, it goes pretty deep and gets dark if you’re not visiting in the middle of the day!

Be aware that there are bats in this cave. When we visited we could only hear them but didn’t see any flying around. If you visit midday they most likely will be sleeping.

There also is a rock fire pit that someone built. You could have a fire here as long as there are no current fire bans in place! I’d suggest refraining from building a fire any time during the summer.

We spent a lot of time playing in the cave and taking pictures! But once you’ve gotten your fill you will head back the way you came!

Noteworthy Hikes Nearby

The Wave Cave

If you’re a cave fanatic you’ll also like this one! The Wave Cave is not far from the Broadway Cave but it is accessed off a different main road and trailhead. The hike to the Wave Cave is more moderate and is unique since it resembles a wave!

Peralta Trail

At the end of the same road that leads you to the Wave Cave is Peralta Trailhead. This trail is a 12 mile long trail that can be connected with other’s to map out a great backpacking trip. I hiked Peralta Trail to Freemont Saddle as a day hike and to watch the sunset!

Lost Dutchman State Park

An area favorite, Lost Dutchman State Park is also nearby and a beautiful place to camp if you’re looking for a place to stay. Whether you’re camping or just visiting for the day, the park has multiple trails that lead from it to incredible summits. One of my favorites is Siphon Draw to Flat Iron!

Final thoughts On Broadway Cave

Broadway Cave At Night.

If you’re looking for a (mini) thrilling adventure, visit the Broadway Cave! I suggest visiting in the evening just as the sun is going down to enhance the experience- if you like the eerie aspect!

If the darkness, bats, and cave scare you then visiting during the day would be best as long as it isn’t during the summer heat.

Either way, the Broadway Cave was exactly the unexpected adventure I needed. This is definitely one of my favorite caves to visit yet!

As always, please be considerate of the environment so we can keep enjoying it and remember to leave no trace.

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