Gear Page

If you’re curious what gear I use for myself and Monty you can visit my Gear Page. I’ve put together a pretty extensive list for you that links every item and explains all of the gear we’re currently using and loving.

I like to express that having the proper gear is important in order for your safety in the outdoors, but I also understand that gear can be expensive! I use a variety of Amazon deals and name brand gear. As long as it works and I love it, I’ll use it and recommend it!

GPX File Library

I track every hike I go on and have started compiling a library for you to access and use for yourself! You can download the GPX file and upload it into your own GPS device so you know exactly how to get to the destination and where to go.

The page is only available to those who join my adventure community. You can gain access to my library by signing up below! The link and special access code will be emailed directly to you.

If you’re already part of my community and just trying to find the page, you can visit it here! Sometimes we forget the password and need a reminder- check the bottom of your most recent email from me, I include it there!

Lastly, if you’re having trouble finding the access code or downloading the files, please feel free to contact me or check out my GPX File highlight guide on my Instagram profile. I walk you through the whole thing!

Downloadable PDF’s

A complete library of all of my downloadable PDF’s full of guides and fun bucket lists coming soon!