Karabou Adventure + Travel launched in 2019 as a resource for epic hiking trails and destinations within Arizona. Since then it has grown, and continues to grow, further into the Southwest!

What initially began as a blog for trail guides quickly expanded into sharing other outdoor activities such as kayaking, camping, and unique small towns full of fun things to do.

Respect and love for these places and their environments grew deeper through experience, as well as the importance of outdoor safety. Now, Karabou also strives to share proper etiquette and safety practices for both individuals and their furry companions.


  • Everyone has the right to explore the outdoors no matter where you are from OR what your experience is.
  • Every person recreating in the outdoors has a responsibility to do so respectfully to others and the environment.
  • Being prepared and staying informed is essential for outdoor safety.
  • Trail dogs have needs just like we do. Preparation includes all things for their safety too!
  • It doesn’t matter if you hike 1 mile or 12 miles, you are still an outdoor adventurer!
  • Being immersed in nature is beneficial to our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.


I am Kara, the author behind Karabou Adventures + Travel, and the furry one is Monty, my 5.5 year old German Shepherd who accompanies me on almost every single solo adventure I go on!

You’ll also see and hear about my husband, Nathan, who joins our adventures from time to time. He is an Arizona native employed by the Army National Guard and he keeps busy with his pool business.

I, on the other hand, was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Yes, I am a Yooper!

Growing up with access to fresh water lakes, forests, and endless outdoor opportunities is a huge reason why I am such an outdoor lover.

But I didn’t fall in love with hiking until I moved myself across the country to Arizona at the age of 21. The desert mountains drew me in and I couldn’t get enough. Still can’t, actually.

While all of my friends wanted to party on the weekends, I just wanted to hike. So I found Monty off Craigslist as a sleepy, fuzzy 6.5 week old puppy, and raised him on the trails.

It took about 1.5 years to get him trained well enough to have excellent recall and carry his own backpack and supplies. He’s still not perfect for it is a constant learning experience for the both of us!

Together we traveled across the US for about 2 years while I worked remotely. We rented rooms from strangers and stayed with my family in various states. This allowed us to knock off some big bucket-list places and gain experience traveling solo in other places than just the Southwest.

But, the desert felt like home. So eventually I decided to settle in Arizona and build a life here. The Southwest is my favorite part of the US and I am happy to be exploring it in depth while sharing all the places with you!

I am just a normal person who works a full-time Interior Design job and adventures on the weekends and during PTO. This blog is my personal creative outlet and it has allowed me to connect with some amazing people.

Don’t be shy- feel free to reach out for a chat!

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New to hiking in the outdoors?

Great news is you don’t have to know everything. Or even have all the top notch gear.

I’ve created a guide to help you be prepared and feel empowered on the trails!



As I continue to share my adventures with you I want to assure you I am doing so by following these principles:

  • Stay true to who I am by staying spontaneous and adventurous.
  • Keep it real. No “high light reels”.
  • Practice what I preach- skills, etiquette, safety, etc.
  • Continue to learn and grow. I don’t know everything!


    I like to directly address the huge debate in the outdoor world- geotagging and gatekeeping. While I understand both sides, I have geared my business practices as follows:

  • The outdoors are for everyone and everyone has the right to have access. Therefore I will continue sharing guides.
  • Guides will not be shared to places that are not already on the internet, or places that are sensitive areas- i.e. unknown of native ruins, places that affect private property, and areas deemed needing reprieve and regrowth.
  • The more uknown areas are not promoted via. social media. In fact, I rarely share content on apps such as Instagram any more! I am not an influencer.
  • GPX tracks will be shared to subscribers only. These are shared to help hikers stay on the trail, not get lost, and hopefully reduce the amount of off-trail wandering.