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I am Kara, the author behind Karabou Adventure + Travel and the furry one is Monty. I launched this website in 2019 as a resource for epic hiking trails and destinations within Arizona. Since then it has grown, and continues to grow, further into the Southwest.

What initially began as a source for trail guides quickly expanded into sharing other outdoor activities such as kayaking, camping, and unique small towns full of fun things to do.

My respect and love for these places and the environments grew deeper through experience, as well as the importance of outdoor safety. Now I strive to share proper etiquette and safety practices for both individuals and their furry companions.

My hope is you leave my website feeling inspired and prepared for a new adventure!


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Kara from Karabou Adventure + Travel.
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Inclusitivity & Integrity

Guiding Beliefs

  • Everyone has the right to explore the outdoors no matter where you are from OR what your experience is.
  • Every person recreating in the outdoors has responsibility to do so respectfully to others and the environment.
  • Trail dogs have needs just like we do. Preparation includes all things for their safety too!
  • It doesn’t matter if you hike 1 mile or 12, you are still an outdoor adventurer!
  • Guiding Principals

  • Stay true to who I am by staying spontaneous and adventurous.
  • Keep it real. No “high light reels.”
  • Practice what I preach- skills, etiquette, safety, etc.
  • Continue to learn and grow. I don’t know everything and there is always room for improvement!
  • About Kara + Monty

    Many would think I’m an Arizona native but I was actually born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Yep, I’m a Yooper!

    I grew up in what I consider ‘the middle of nowhere’ with unlimited access to fresh lakes, rivers, and woods which naturally makes me an outdoor lover. I moved myself to Arizona at the age of 21, purchased Monty from off of Craigslist as a 6-1/2 week old puppy, and began adventuring solo.

    We left soon after to travel across the country as I worked from my laptop for a company I convinced to let me go remote. It was a wonderful experience because in that time we were able to visit family, bounce around the states for a bit, and experience so much life.

    A couple years later Monty and I landed back in Arizona for good because I’m naturally drawn to the mountains and missed them. I got married in 2022 and now live with my husband Nathan, Monty, and our newly adopted Alaskan Malamute named Jax.

    While the outdoors and this website are a large part of who I am, my other passion is interior design! I currently own my own business, Haus Grimes, and work from home. Really I’m just a normal person who works full-time and adventures on the weekends, trying to live life to the fullest. This blog is my personal creative outlet and it has allowed me to connect with some amazing people.

    The Southwest is my favorite part of the US and I am happy to be exploring it in depth while sharing all the places with you!

    Introduce yourself, share your adventures, ask a question, anything really. I love to hear from and connect with everyone!

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