Peralta Trail to Fremont Saddle: Best Hike For Visitors

A moderate hike through varying terrain to a view of the famous Weaver's Needle. If [...]


How To Hike Superstition Peak 5057 via Hieroglyphic Trail

Hiking to Superstition Peak 5057 via. Hieroglyphic Trail is a challenging yet thrilling adventure. If [...]

Hike Canyon Of The Waterfalls After It Rains In Phoenix!

Phoenix may be known as the ‘valley of the sun’ but it does rain from [...]

How To Hike Black Cross Butte To Salt River Overlook

Black Cross Butte to Salt River Overlook is one of those hikes you want to [...]

NEW Peralta Regional Park: Complete Hiking & Camping Guide

In January 2023 Peralta Regional Park welcomed visitors to hike, camp, and ride their horses [...]

Hiking Black Top Mesa In The Superstitions Is Worth It

Looking for a trail in the Superstition Mountains that is not as populated as the [...]

Conquering Three Sisters Summit In The Superstition Mountains

There are many challenging trails in the Superstition Mountains and if you’ve conquered the other [...]

Hiking to Massacre Falls via Massacre Grounds Trail

The Superstition Mountains are an enchanting mountain range. They hold some of the toughest climbs [...]


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