Bristlecone Loop Trail

Hiking Bristlecone Loop Trail in Bryce Canyon

Located at the very end of the national park, at the highest elevation of all of Bryce Canyon, you’re able to hike the Bristlecone Loop Trail through an ancient forest. This forest contains one of the oldest and most resilient trees- the Bristlecone Pine. These trees are 1,800+ years old which is actually middle-aged for […]

South Kaibab Trail at sunrise in the Grand Canyon.

How To Hike South Kaibab, Phantom Ranch, & Bright Angel In One Day

This Grand Canyon bucket-list hike is one you’ll remember for years afterwards. The South Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails are the best kept, well known hiking trails on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Combining these two for an all day hike is a challenge many people dream of accomplishing. While it may be […]

Walnut Canyon

Exploring Walnut Canyon National Monument In Flagstaff

Home to a dense population of ancient cliff dwellings, Walnut Canyon National Monument offers an experience unlike any other. The canyon was carved by Walnut Creek over 60 million years ago and hosts curved limestone cliffs, diverse vegetation and wildlife, as well as some of the best preserved dwellings in the state. But the most […]

Bearizona Wildlife Park

5 Reasons You’ll Love Bearizona Wildlife Park In Williams

Wolves, bears, and bison oh-my! Brace yourself for the thrilling ride you’re about to take through Bearizona Wildlife Park located in Williams, Arizona. The park allows you to drive through the habitats of several different North American species as they sleep, play, and even approach your car. For the longest time I thought Bearizona was […]

Grand Falls, Arizona

Arizona’s Grand Falls (Chocolate Falls) CLOSED

It used to be that visitors were able to reach Grand Falls on the Navajo Nation, but due to constant disrespect for the area, its residents, and their livestock, the tribe has decided to indefinitely close off access to tourists. In respect of the tribe’s wishes to keep this area sacred, I’ve decided to remove […]

Mossy Cave Waterfall

6 Reasons Mossy Cave Waterfall Is Worth The Stop

Did you know that Bryce Canyon National Park has a waterfall? While the park has several awe-inspiring trails there is only one that leads you to a waterfall, and most visitors miss it! The Mossy Cave Trail leads you to a small cave, or grotto, but the highlight is the nearby seasonal waterfall. Most visitors […]

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