Easy Hikes In Flagstaff.

9 Short And Easy Hikes In Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff is a beautiful place to visit in Arizona especially if you are looking to escape 100 degree temperatures and enjoy some time in the outdoors. There are countless trails throughout this mountainous city, and even though Flagstaff is home to the tallest peak of all of Arizona, there are a handful of easy hikes […]

Grand Canyon Bike Rentals South Rim.

Grand Canyon Bike Rentals Are The Best Way To See South Rim

Hands down one of the most fun ways to experience the South Rim is to book Grand Canyon bike rentals and explore the paths. There are multiple view points to discover along the way and even mules to pet if they let you. Before you convince yourself this will be too difficult of a task, […]

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon.

Hiking The FULL Bright Angel Trail To Phantom Ranch

One of the most iconic trails on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the Bright Angel Trail. It made its’ way to the top of many visitor’s itineraries due to beautiful canyon views and lush gardens along the way. Bright Angel Trail isn’t only photogenic- it is also one of the park’s main […]

Corona Arch In Moab.

Why We Love To Hike Corona Arch (+Pinto & Bowtie)

Moab is a popular destination and luckily it is very dog friendly. But, it can quickly become congested in town with overcrowded trials. If you’re planning a visit and want to skip the crowds in Arches National Park then the next best thing is to hike Corona Arch! The most impressive arch outside of the […]

Longbow Arch, Moab UT.

Hike Longbow Arch- A Dog Friendly Arch In Moab

Are you looking for a dog friendly arch or maybe a less crowded hike in Moab? You’ll be happy to hear there are other amazing arches outside of Arches National Park. Longbow Arch is one of those located off the beaten path which allows you to feel a sense of remoteness in the midst of […]

Peralta Regional Park.

NEW Peralta Regional Park: Complete Hiking & Camping Guide

In January 2023 Peralta Regional Park welcomed visitors to hike, camp, and ride their horses along the trails for the first time. As soon as I learned about the opening of this new park I jumped at the opportunity to hike all of its trails and stay the night under the stars. This Arizona Regional […]

Piestewa Peak Summit.

How To Hike Piestewa Peak Summit Trail

Sitting at an elevation of 2,612 feet and hitting charts as Phoenix’s 2nd tallest peak, Piestewa Peak is a challenging hike with a highly rewarding view. While it isn’t one of the iconic landmarks that surround the Phoenix Valley, it is an extremely popular summit for visitors and locals due to its close proximity to […]

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