Alfa Fia Tank Loop In Flagstaff.

Alfa Fia Tank Loop- An Easy Hike In Flagstaff

Alfa Fia Tank Loop is a short and easy hike near the Kachina Peak Wilderness in Flagstaff. The small pool of water sits in an open meadow and attracts not only hikers but also various wildlife. Open water is not prevalent in Arizona so this tank is a rarity as it reflects the nearby San Francisco Peaks and tall aspens, painting a peaceful scene over the still water.

Whether you’re visiting to peep the golden leaves during autumn or take in the green meadow and warm summer air, Alfa Fia Tank Loop is little hidden gem worth the drive. It is perfect for solo hikers, pets, kids, and families.

In this guide we’re going to cover exactly how to get there and everything to expect in-between!

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Alfa Fia Tank Loop Stats

  • Hiking Distance | 1.0 miles
  • Difficulty | Easy
  • Elevation Gain | 183 feet
  • Total Time | 30-45 minutes
  • Permits/Fees | None
  • Trailhead | Aspen Corner
  • Dog Friendly | Yes

Below is a map of the route to Alfa Fia Tank Loop.

Alfa Fia Tank Loop trail map.

The trail that leads to Alfa Fia Tank Loop intersects the Arizona Trail (AZT) passage 34. If you’re hiking the AZT I highly suggest considering the short jaunt over to the tank of water before continuing on.

Likewise, if you’re looking to extend your hike you could hike a small leg of the AZT to connect with the Aspen Nature Loop, another local favorite during the summer and fall seasons!

Getting To Alfa Fia Tank

Alfa Fia Tank is located in the Snowbowl area along the main road that leads to the local ski resort Arizona Snowbowl. This area is high in elevation and absolutely beautiful as it hosts tall forests of Aspen and Pine.

The trailhead to Afla Fia Tank isn’t easily marked but thankfully the parking lot is right off the main road and easy to spot! If you type Aspen Corner into Google Maps it will map you right to it. The lot is on the left side of the road, right on one of the curves that wind up the mountain.

There will be a small brown sign that reads ‘Aspen Corner’. Park here and take the obvious trail to the right which leads you into the Aspen forest.

The Hike To Alfa Fia Tank

Trail To Alfa Fia Tank.

Once you begin hiking into the forest of Aspens you’ll be transported into a wonderful shaded area.

Eventually you’ll hike upon a fork in the trail which is where the Arizona Trail intersects. Cross this intersection and keep straight towards the large brown structure housing a map of the area.

If you want to also include the Aspen Nature Loop you’d turn right at this junction. I’d suggest first visiting Alfa Fia Tank then on your way back turn left at this intersection to hop on the AZT and head towards Aspen Nature Loop.

Beyond this point the trail gets a little steep and rocky as it begins to descend. It is nothing crazy or technical but you do feel it on the way back up. Thankfully the decline is only for a short distance and once past it the trail levels out and becomes peaceful again.

Not too much further and the trail leads you out of the tree canopies and into an open meadow. Ahead you’ll be able to get your first view of Alfa Fia Tank!

Alfa Fia Tank Loop In Flagstaff.

Upon initial sight you can see the backdrop behind the tank which is stunning. But I highly suggest looping around the tank because once you’re on the other side you can see Humphrey’s Peak, the tallest peak in Arizona!

Alfa Fia Tank Loop.
View of Alfa Fia Tank as you hike upon it.
Alfa Fia Tank Loop.
View looking towards Humphrey’s Peak in the San Francisco Peaks.
Alfa Fia Tank Loop.
Looking out into the surrounding meadow.

The trail is a little difficult to follow but it does loop around the small tank of water, thus why the hike is considered a loop. If it is a windy day the water won’t be still so the reflection won’t be a still one. Either way it is a beautiful sight especially for such a short trail.

Once you are ready to head back just retrace your steps to where you began.

Final Thoughts On Alfa Fia Tank

I’ll be honest I almost skipped over the trail to Alfa Fia Tank because it was super short and I knew nothing about it. I was in the area hiking the Aspen Nature Loop but since that loop was not too long in distance I decided to add in Afla Fia Tank on my way down the mountain.

Boy am I glad I did! I had no idea there was a tank of water at the end of the hike. I understand it has ‘tank’ in the name but it is the arid desert after all. Most tanks of water are dried up and it was during the hottest week of the summer when Flagstaff was hitting 90 degree daily temperatures.

To my surprise this little hike was worth it and I’m finding myself wanting to go back during fall and possibly for sunset. The wind was disrupting the still water a bit so I couldn’t get a super clear reflection in the water, plus I think sunset would be stunning here!

Have you ever hiked to Alfa Fia Tank, or is it now on your itinerary? Share in the comments below!

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