Red Mountain Trail, Flagstaff.

Hike Red Mountain Trail To Volcanic Hoodoos In Flagstaff

Many of the hills in and around Flagstaff- even reaching as far as the Grand Canyon- are considered part of the San Francisco Volcanic Field, a 1,800 square mile area that holds more than 600 volcanoes. Red Mountain Trail leads you to a cinder cone volcano which reaches 1,000 feet above the surrounding landscape and […]

Doe Mountain Trail, Sedona.

Hike Doe Mountain Trail For Best Sunrise In Sedona

Sedona is filled with a handful of beautiful trails and it can be overwhelming to choose one especially if you’re just passing through. Luckily the red rock country holds many small but mighty trails within, allowing you to complete several in one day. From a local’s perspective Doe Mountain Trail is an underrated yet outstanding […]

Lichen Peak.

Hike Lichen Peak For A View Of Golden, CO

North Table Mountain Park is a flat topped mountain, also referred to as a mesa, which was formed 60 some million years ago by lava flow from a nearby volcanic vent. The park hosts 17.2 miles of hiking trails, one of which includes Lichen Peak. Lichen Peak is the tallest peak in North Table Mountain […]

Aspen Nature Loop In Flagstaff.

Hiking The Aspen Nature Loop In Flagstaff

For a stunning hike in high altitude look no further than the Aspen Nature Loop. Located on the western slope of the San Francisco Peaks in Flagstaff, Arizona this short trail leads hikers through open prairies and tall aspen groves. Aspen Nature Loop is a local favorite especially during fall for the leaves turn from […]

Alfa Fia Tank Loop In Flagstaff.

Alfa Fia Tank Loop- An Easy Hike In Flagstaff

Alfa Fia Tank Loop is a short and easy hike near the Kachina Peak Wilderness in Flagstaff. The small pool of water sits in an open meadow and attracts not only hikers but also various wildlife. Open water is not prevalent in Arizona so this tank is a rarity as it reflects the nearby San […]

18 Best Hikes In Phoenix And Beyond

Phoenix seems to have an endless amount of hiking opportunities and if you look beyond the valley even more amazing hikes pop up. Choosing your next adventure can be a challenge due to the countless hike options when realistically you most likely only have time for a few. In order to help you choose your […]

Desert View Drive.

Desert View Drive- 5 Scenic Stops On Grand Canyon South Rim

If you’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon then Desert View Drive should be on your itinerary! It is a one of a kind experience within the park that most visitors miss the first time around. There’s so much hype surrounding the viewpoints near the visitor center that no one ever talks about this […]

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