Bisbee Airbnb | A Yurt On Top Of A Mountain.

Best Bisbee Airbnb: Yurt On Top Of A Mountain

The city of Bisbee, Arizona is such a unique and quaint city. It is located in Southern Arizona, just 30 some miles from the border of Mexico. The area is lush, green, and absolutely quirky. But in a good way, I promise.

If you plan on visiting Bisbee it is only fitting you stay in a place that fits the city’s vibe. And what better location than a Yurt on top of a mountain? You read that right. Doreen’s yurt is one of the best Bisbee Airbnb’s to stay in.

About The Best Bisbee Airbnb

Doreen’s Yurt sits in the high desert Mule Mountains and is positioned strategically to provide mountain views that take your breath away. From the wrap around wooden porch you can lounge in the cushioned chairs and read, watch the sun set behind the mountains, and cuddle up afterwards with some hot tea and blankets to stargaze- the stars are unreal up there!

The view from the Yurt deck.
Monty and I relaxing outside near sunset.

Some may think the best part about this Bisbee Airbnb is the fact that you’re staying in a yurt with a killer view, but I also love that it is conveniently located just minutes from downtown Bisbee.

With this Yurt comes privacy and the sense of seclusion while being conveniently located just minutes from the city itself. Just a short drive down the mountain and you can explore Bisbee, go for a hike, grocery shop, or visit one of the many bars and restaurants.

Bisbee always has something going on for its visitors. During my visit I was lucky enough to hear the live festival music they had playing during my hike around town!

The Yurt’s Amenities

If you’re looking for a glamping experience with all the amenities then you’ve found the right place. Doreen made sure we were fully equipped with everything we’d need during our stay.

  • Queen size bed
  • Toilet
  • Standup shower
  • Sink
  • Stove to cook
  • Fridge stocked with basic necessities
  • TV & DVD player
  • Gas fireplace to keep warm
  • Collection of the best classic western movies
Monty enjoying the sofa.

If you require extra comfort I do suggest bringing along extra layers, blankets, and a pillow, especially during the cooler months.

You also have to stock your own food and groceries like any other Airbnb rental. I suggest checking into the yurt first to see what essentials are stocked, then going in to town to buy the things you need during your stay.

Don’t forget to pack your favorite book, some of your own DVD’s, and board games!

Overall Rating Of This Bisbee Airbnb

5 out of 5 stars which means- I’d definitely return again. The fact you get to stay in a yurt is cool, but even better when it has a killer view and is only minutes from such a quirky fun city. Bonus points for the fact it is dog friendly and I was able to bring Monty!

Doreen herself was such a delight. She is very friendly, accommodating, and was available to us the entire stay.

I also feel like the yurt is priced right. This Bisbee Airbnb is for those who want to stay somewhere different and unique- more like a glamping experience. You won’t get the same level of comfort as you would in an entire home or apartment due to heating and cooling, but it at least as the gas stove for during the cold months.

If you’re interested, you can check out Doreen’s Yurt for yourself!

My Experience At The Bisbee Airbnb

For my mom’s birthday one year I decided to treat her to a little weekend getaway. So, for her birthday weekend I booked Doreen’s Yurt in Bisbee, which was just a 3 hour drive away for us. My mom’s birthday is in early October which ended up being a great time to visit.

The temperatures were warm during the day but it really cooled off at night. We definitely used the gas stove and all of the blankets, but it was enough to keep us toasty warm.

My mom looks back on this weekend, years later, and still talks about it. She really enjoyed the quiet area which allowed her to relax and read a book. Monty and I enjoyed the local hiking and seeing the sunset from the yurt’s deck!

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