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The Best Zion National Park Airbnb- A Mountain Resort

If you’re on the hunt for a Zion National Park Airbnb rental, you’ve found a winner! Located just 40 minutes from the entrance of the park, tucked away on a remote mountain ranch, lies Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort with 8,000 acres of bliss.

When it came to choosing accommodations for my visit to Zion National Park, I wanted a place that had comfortable accommodations and was within close proximity to daily essentials– snacks, water, soaps, etc. as well as the park itself.

The first time I visited I booked my cabin on Airbnb from Jake. He was very knowledgeable about the area and helped me prepare for my trip. Since then, I’ve gone back to stay at the resort again and it’s been a blast every time!

The area around Zion National Park is remote, to say the least. I’d highly suggest this resort for families or groups looking to stay near the park because there is a little bit of everything for everyone.

Read on to see why, or select a category below to jump ahead!

A Look Into The Best Zion National Park Airbnb

Zion Ponderosa- A Mountain Resort.

Zion Ponderosa Accommodation Types

When it comes to accommodations, Zion Ponderosa has a wide variety and the most unique in the area. If you want to camp in style you can stay in one of their glamping tents, or rent a cabin suite full of all the necessary amenities, or rough it in a tent.

Each accommodation offers different amenities so it is up to you to choose what fits your travel style best. I’ve listed the options with a brief description of each below. I hope you’re ready for your “tour”!

All of these are available to book on Airbnb or directly from their website. I’d suggest taking a look at both because sometimes they have specials going on!

The Cowboy Cabin

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.

The Cowboy Cabin is stocked with bunked queen beds and a sleeper sofa to accommodate up to 6 people. All of the bedding is provided as well as extra blankets and pillows for comfort.

There is no bathroom in this unit, so you will have to use the community restrooms and showers. Towels are provided in the dresser inside the cabin though!

Out front there is a picnic table on the porch and a fire ring with two chairs. I stayed in this cabin during the spring with one of my girlfriends and it was perfect for us both.

The Cabin Suite

Zion Ponderosa Cabins.

The cabin suite is much like the Cowboy Cabin but the main difference is that it is a little larger and you have your own bathroom! They offer 3 different configurations and allow you to request one that best suites you.

I’ve stayed in one of their cabin suites which was nicely done. It was equipped with towels, bedding, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and plenty of room for 3 girls!

Glamping Tents

Experience camping with a little glam! The glamping tents are available starting in March each year when spring season opens. Each tent comes with beds, bedding, and electricity! Pets are not allowed in the tents, but you do get your own fire ring out front.

This is one of the most unique Zion National Park Airbnb rentals on their property! Just note that this is still in a tent, and while you are provided a fan, it can get hot during the summer without A/C.

Deluxe Glamping

As expected, the deluxe glamping tents are just like the regular glamping tents, but with a little more glam. They are a little bigger and can be configured to suite your needs. You’re also equipped with a deck, table, and grill outside!

Conestoga Wagons

Interested in sleeping in a wagon that resembles the pioneer wagons from the 19th century? This is it! The wagons are surprisingly roomy inside and can fit up to 6 people. Electricity and outlets are also provided inside.

I don’t know of anyone else offering this type of Zion National Park Airbnb, so it truly is one of a kind.

RV Campground

If you want to camp in the comfort your own RV, Zion Ponderosa has spots for you to park and hook up to power. The hook-ups offer 30-50 amp service. You can even bring your pets along!

Tent Camping

Some people prefer to tough it out and stay in a tent. This not only saves money but gets you closer to nature. Luckily, the resort has room for this too! Pets are allowed, and you even get all of the amenities included on the resort (maybe besides the free breakfast buffet).

Resort Amenities

Zion Ponderosa’s resort amenities took me by surprise. It is always nice to have these available and close by especially when staying in remote areas. Between the amenities and activities offered, you almost don’t have to leave their property!

Pool & Spa

It is nice to have access to a pool during the summer and the resort’s is impressive. If you have kids they’ll probably love the pool and waterslide! During the cool, spring months I really enjoyed relaxing in their spa after long days of hiking.

This area is conveniently located by the bathrooms and showers so you can wash off after playing or relaxing.

Bathrooms & Showers

If your accommodations don’t include your own bathroom, then you can use their community bathrooms and showers. I did notice these were being cleaned every morning and there were plenty of shower stalls available which means hopefully no waiting in line- yay!

The bathrooms and showers are conveniently located by the accommodations that do not have their own bathroom.

Coin Laundry

Having access to do your dirty laundry is essential, especially when being very active in the outdoors. The resort has coin laundry rooms available right next to the bathrooms and showers so you can keep up on your laundry during those longer stays!


Something we all can’t seem to live without now- Wifi. Zion Ponderosa does have free Wifi for guests, but depending where you are it can be spotty. The closer you are to the lodge, the better the signal gets. But still, a nice perk to have since you don’t get any service in Zion National Park.

On-site Store

The main lodge has a gift shop full of unique items as well as a little shop where you can stock up on snacks, drinks, and little essentials you may have forgotten. You can also purchase firewood here if you decide to build yourself a fire.

Fire Rings

Don’t quote me on this, but almost every accommodation type has their own fire ring. I love this because you can cozy up around the fire in the evening or use it to cook your food. There are also larger camp fire spots on the resort for large group gatherings!

Places To Eat

Zion National Park Resort
Chocolate chip cookie desert topped with ice cream and whipped cream from Ray’s Restaurant.

You won’t have to go far to fill your belly because the resort has several on-site options for you to choose from! Be sure to check each one’s hours and seasonal closures before booking your stay.

Ray’s Restaurant

Located inside the lodge, this restaurant is where you’ll enjoy your free breakfast buffet (if it is included in your stay) as well as lunch and dinner if you choose. One of my visits was in the off season so this was my only on-site dining option.

I’m not complaining though- their BBQ sauce was amazing. I put it on every meal I ordered, no joke!

Dutch Oven Dinner

Open only in summer, you get to experience a wagon ride to an outdoor dining location where a Dutch Oven dinner is prepared for you! Reservations are required ahead of time.

Poolside Snack Bar

During the summer you can order cold drinks, ice cream, and pizza while splashing in the pool or soaking in the spa.

If you want to eat somewhere off of the resort property, the best options will be in Springdale. I loved Oscar’s Cafe!

Things To Do (Other Than Zion National Park)

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort has a sister company called East Zion Adventures which you guessed it- is also on-site! Most of these extra excursions are housed at the Recreation Barn right next to the resort lodge. Below is a list of things to add to your itinerary during your stay.

  • Canyoneering Tour– I’ve gone twice with them now! You can get all the details here.
  • Jeep Tours– You can also combine the Jeep Tours with Canyoneering. Ask about it when you go to book the excursion! I took the Sunset Jeep Tour and it was amazing!
  • Star Gazing Tour- My experience was way better than I expected. I learned so much about the night sky and even got to see Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
  • Mini Golf
  • Horseback Riding
  • Ziplining
  • Bunjee Trampoline
  • Paint Ball
  • Guided Hiking
  • Climbing Wall

The resort also has several hiking trails that lead off their property into Zion National Park. When you visit, be sure to ask the front desk for a trail map and recommendations. The Observation Point trail was my favorite one!

Check out: Hike to Observation Point in Zion National Park from Zion Ponderosa

Recap: Zion National Park Airbnb

Observation Point in Zion National Park

I’ll just say that I am grateful a place like Zion Ponderosa exists. Their accommodations and amenities add so much ease and comfort while visiting Zion National Park.

It is a great place for families and groups to spread out and do their own thing or come together and create new experiences.

You could easily stay in a hotel in Springdale, but if you want a mountain experience like no other and to spend more time in nature, this resort is it.

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