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Visit these 4 Sedona Wineries all in one day

When Sedona is mentioned typically hiking trails and vortexes are what come to mind first. I’ll admit, every time I visit it is to hike, so it took me a while to discover that Sedona has a strong presence in the wine industry with a plethora of tasting experiences. Since my discovery I couldn’t wait to dive in and explore the Sedona Wineries!

I’ve narrowed down 4 amazing wineries tucked away just outside of Sedona, and they are all within 1/2 mile of eachother! If you’re looking for the best Sedona wine tasting experiences, keep reading for I’ve created a fun guide for your next visit.

To start, drinking and driving is of course not tolerated in Arizona and isn’t recommended on this twisty, curvy mountain road. These wineries are very close in proximity, so if you do choose to drive yourself I won’t tell on you.

However, if you’d like to not deal with driving and finding parking, there are other options available for a safe experience!

  • Wine Tours of Sedona offers a large variety of tours, all tailored to your preferences. You’ll be paired with a knowledgeable guide who will take you on a fun, private tour of the tasting rooms or wineries, whichever you choose.
  • While visiting the wineries myself, I noticed the Vineyard Tours and was very impressed with their style. The guide made his group laugh, and it looked like they got to go into areas we couldn’t- cellars, back rooms, etc.- to learn more about the wine process.
  • Last but not least, the shuttle service! The easiest and probably cheapest means of transportation outside of your own- AZ Wine Crawler hop-on-hop-off shuttle service.

Pro Tip: Pets are welcome at all of these Sedona wineries (with limitations). If you want to bring your furry one along, you may have to drive yourself versus take a tour!

Even though the wineries in Sedona are open year round, you’ll find that there are certain times better than others for visiting.

Spring and fall are my favorite times to visit because the temperatures are more comfortable. If you visit during the fall you may get lucky and experience some varying in color, while the spring will be vibrant and green.

Arizona summer temperatures can quickly ruin your experience and Sedona isn’t far enough North to escape 90 degree heat. Luckily the Sedona wineries have indoor options and some offer misters outside, but even then you may find yourself sweating all the wine right out as you go.

Luckily the wine still tastes great regardless of when you visit!

Below I’ve listed 4 wonderful Sedona Wineries to visit in one day, all within 1/2 mile of each other. Although they are all located in Cornville, Arizona, they are just outside of Sedona itself and are commonly classified as Sedona Wineries.

Sedona itself doesn’t have wineries, but it does have tasting rooms! If you’re not wanting or aren’t able to travel outside of Sedona and still want to taste some wine, skip down to “More Sedona Wine Tasting” for recommendations!

You can use the map above to familiarize yourself with the wineries and their locations to one another. Click on the icon to learn more or continue reading below for a description on each one!

Sedona Wineries

Page Springs Cellars

Good for: Tastings, photo ops, date night, girls trip, groups, and good eats.
Overall Vibe: Boujie, and a treat to yourself.

To start your day of Sedona winery hopping, I suggest starting at Page Springs Cellars. If you’re coming from South of Sedona, this will be the first winery you drive upon. I suggest beginning here at 11 a.m. right when they open to fill your stomach with their delicious bistro plates while you taste some of their wines. If you’re not a fan of wine, don’t worry, they also offer some spirits tastings as well!

At Page Springs you have the option of sitting inside or outside on their shaded back patio. They also allow you to take your drinks to walk around the grounds and down to a second balcony that overlooks Oak Creek below.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how lush and calming their grounds are. I’m talking photo ops at almost every turn!

If you’re looking for more, Page Springs has Bocce Ball, Cornhole, and also offers massages, has a small gift shop, and a local art gallery. This is one of my favorite Sedona wineries, and stopping here first will kick start a fun-filled day.

Sedona Wineries

Oak Creek Vineyards and Winery

Good for: Tastings, families, pets, small bites, and lowkey experiences.
Overall Vibe: Locals and more lowkey.

The second Sedona winery to visit is just down the road from Page Springs Cellars, and happens to be the newest on the block. Oak Creek Vineyards and Winery opened during 2020 and welcomes kids and pets!

I enjoy the flight options which include building your own, and you can order from their menu for some healthy eats to pair with your Sedona wine tasting. Since opening the owners have improved the patio cover for shade, added misters to help keep you cool during the summer, and added lights for a little ambiance!

Oak Creek Vineyards is definitely worth stopping by, and I know they have more improvements planned for the future that I can’t wait to see.

Sedona Wineries

Javelina Leap Winery

Good for: Live music, tastings, groups, families, pets, and snacks.
Overall Vibe: Quirky and chill.

Next door to Oak Creek Vineyards is the Javelina Leap Winery. I told you these Sedona wineries were all within close proximity! It is so close you could walk over to it.

Javelina Leap Winery has a historic, quirky feel that drew me in. Having the live music is a great addition to the tasting experience too! If you’re wanting live music be sure to call ahead and see if they have a band lined up during the time you plan on visiting.

The front building is the Tasting Room where you can order your tastings, glasses, or bottles, and take them to the outdoor patio which is covered and lined with misters and strings of lights.

Off the patio is another building with a bar, tables and chairs, and a tv if you’d prefer to sit inside. They have a small bistro menu if you find yourself needing to snack some more. In the front of the property you can find a beautiful green space with picnic tables under the shade as well as outdoor games!

This little winery took me by surprise and is a great transition to the last winery on the list, D.A. Ranch.

Sedona Wineries

D.A. Ranch Lodge Estate & Vineyards

Good for: Tastings, families, pets, events, photo ops, date nights, groups and girls trips.
Overall Vibe: Lush and spacious grounds.

D.A. Ranch is one of the best wineries in Sedona and a great place to end your day of tastings. Their grounds are extremely lush and spacious which allow you the freedom to spread out for some privacy if you wish. You’ll find yourself wanting to spend a ton of time here and that is why I like saving it for last.

Sedona Wineries

This Sedona winery has plenty of photo ops as well. They feature a pond, tree swing, fire pit, and more. Events are super popular here, so if you’re looking for a proposal location, wedding, reunion, etc. with accommodations, you’ll want to consider D.A. Ranch!

If you’re looking for a Sedona wine tasting experience without having to drive outside of the city, you’re in luck. Sedona has a few tasting rooms all within a decent distance from one another.

Winery 1912 is one of the best tasting rooms in the heart of Sedona. They have a great ambiance and the mountain views out the back are stunning. Down the road you’ll find The Art of Wine which offers more of an intimate tasting experience plus they have an excellent craft beer selection as well.

If you find yourself near the beautiful shopping village of Tlaquepaque in Sedona then stop by Vino Zona to sit and sip on their balcony.

Winery hopping is a lot of fun, and who knew Sedona was the perfect place for it? I truly enjoyed each experience since they are all unique in their own way. These Sedona Wineries are some of the best around and I just love that you can visit them easily in one day.

If you happen to visit these wineries, please do so responsibly! I’d love for you and you family and friends to have the best and safest experiences possible.

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