The top questions I receive pertain to my gear, so I’ve put together a list of the main outdoor gear I use for myself and Monty!

We’ve been exploring the outdoors together for 3 years now and in that time we’ve managed to find brands and products we love, so I promise to recommend just that.

I understand that outdoor gear isn’t exactly the cheapest. Lucky for you I love a good deal! However, I’ve narrowed down a few things that are worth splurging on where safety and quality really matters.

The outdoor gear I use may not work for you. Some products depend upon personal preference or comfort levels. Below you can find the outdoor gear that works best for Monty and I.

*Disclaimer: the below links may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you choose to purchase through my links I provide (at no extra cost to you). Please see my disclosure for more info.



Osprey 30L Daypack

I recently upgraded my day pack and this is what I now use. Apparently it is a men’s pack, but it fits and works for me just fine! I love the support it provides so that the weight doesn’t sit on my shoulders. It is durable, dust wipes right off, and isn’t too big but still fits all the essentials. My tripod (linked below) fits perfectly inside! It also comes with a 2.5L bladder.

Mountaintop 40L Daypack

If you’re looking for a great quality backpack for a beginner price, this is it. For years I’ve used Mountaintop for all of my adventures until I was ready to pay the price to upgrade to a bigger brand. I always opted for a bigger pack but they have smaller capacity ones too! I keep this one on hand as a back up and for friends or someone else to borrow.

3L Hydration Bladder

I like having plenty of water on the trails so I opt to carry 3L in my pack. This bladder had zero initial taste of plastic which can be hard to find. I appreciate the opening at the top which makes it easier to fill and close. The Osprey back above comes with a 2.5L bladder that tastes like plastic, but it is always good to have a back up bladder!

Mazama Tumalo Hydration Backpack

My go-to pack for short or urban trails and when I opt to go trail running. Like I said, I like to carry 3L with me so I opted for a little bigger pack but it is still very light in weight and durable. I love the ample storage space this one has and it also comes with it’s own bladder!

North Face 55L Backpacking Backpack

When I go backpacking this is the pack I take with so I can fit all the essentials to last me a couple days. This backpacking pack is lightweight, durable, and super comfortable when using day after day.


Adidas Terrex Hiking Shoe

My go to hiking shoes especially when I’m in the desert on slick rock. They are low profile, comfortable, and have amazing grip. Didn’t even have to break these bad boys in- they felt amazing the first time I took them out.

Columbia Hiking Boots

When I know I’ll be hiking in crappy weather, mud, or high in the alpine mountains I hike in these boots. They are sturdy, waterproof, and comfortable!

Salomon Trail Runners

If I know I’m going to be trail running I like to wear my Salomon Trail Runners. They’re extremely sturdy and provide great grip while running up and down all different terrain.


Pack-able Down Jacket

I always hike with extra layers, especially high up in the mountains. This jacket packs down small and light enough to throw in my pack in case of weather changes. It comes with a packable sack so it fits right in your pack. Honestly these are very warm jackets and when layered with a base layer they perform well in 20-30 degree weather.

Crop Tops

If you’re looking for a great hiking crop- THESE ARE IT! They are great quality and come with built in support (yay!). The assortment of colors is also great- I have these in multiple colors and love wearing them while hiking.

Nike Tanks

A lot of the tanks and sports bras I wear are Nike brand. I’ve just always worn Nike and have stuck to them. Since I hike in a lot of hot, desert climates these work well for me to layer with.

Nike Spandex

Since I hike in a lot of desert terrain I opt to wear spandex shorts. Nike has been my favorite brand for years so I usually stick with them because they have the comfiest bottoms. If I’m hiking in colder weather I’ll wear their leggings which are warm but feel like nothing when wearing them!


Sony A7III

I recently switched from the Iphone 11 Pro for all of my photos to using the Sony A7III. My goal is to begin learning photography and to capture better quality photos for you throughout the blog!

Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Lens

This is the first lens I purchased and am solely using for now. Until I can learn more and add to the collection, that is! So far it has been a great lens to begin and learn with.

GoPro Hero8

Of course I need something for water adventures! I like having my GoPro to run around and do crazy things with without having to worry about damaging an expensive piece of equipment. The stabilization in this is crazy good.


I recently updated my tripod and couldn’t be happier. This one is slightly lighter, provides all the crazy functions I need and more. An essential piece to capturing photos while solo. I love that it folds up small enough to take in my day pack.

Camera Screw

My Sony A7III paired with the lens that I have ended up being a little too heavy for the small screw that was included with the tripod I use. To fix this, I purchased a little bit of a longer screw and it now holds my heavy camera much better while in portrait mode! The size screw I ordered was the 1/4″ 20x10mm.


Medical Kit

I always carry a medical kit for emergencies- you never know when you’ll need one. Especially when trekking into the backcountry where you don’t have quick access to medical help.

Fixed Knife

Protection is serious to me, especially when solo. I attach my fixed knife in the sheath on my backpack’s front straps so I can easily access it in an emergency. Perfect size, not too heavy, and gets the job done when out solo in the backcountry.

Swiss Folding Knife

I also carry a folding knife with me! These are just useful to have on hand when you’re out in the backcountry.

Garmin InReach Mini

This is one of the most important devises to me. This device can help if I get lost, need to stay on route, check in with loved ones, or worse, call for help. I feel much safer having it with me in the backcountry and especially when I am solo.

Solar Portable Battery

I never want to run out of battery in the backcountry! This battery pack is heavy duty and re-charges my phone several times. It usually lasts me 4-5 days.


Having a light source besides your phone is important while hiking, especially in the backcountry. You’ll be thankful you have one if you get caught hiking in the dark for any reason. These headlamps are battery operated which I love because I can charge them with my battery pack if needed. The battery life is great, though, and I love the option of using red light rather than the white light so it is less harsh.

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

This is my go to hammock because they’re great quality for an even better price. Monty fits in it with me AND his claws haven’t torn into the nylon yet.

Wise Owl Outfitters Tree Straps

For extra strength and length I carry these heavy duty straps with me to pair with my hammock. They also come in handy in other situations if need be.


Packs and Leashes

Saddle Bag

This has been my favorite saddle bag for Monty so far. I have yet to find one that I love better! I am a big fan of the tan, military look and the option to put “Do not pet” Velcro tags on the sides. This backpack is extremely durable, has ample storage, and a very affordable price.

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Ruffwear Saddle Bag

I am a big Ruffwear gear fan and wanted to try this one out. The storage is HUGE, so I’ve decided to make it strictly just a backpacking backpack for Monty. The pack itself is very durable and I love the color, but I do think it is too large for just a day hike. If you’re taking your pup backpacking, though, this would be great for it!

Ruffwear Hands Free Leash

Having my hands free while hiking has been a huge game-changer. I love this leash because it comfortably fits around my waist and gives Monty enough slack, but not too much. The leash has a bungee in it so when your dog pulls it lets them know to let up.

Paw Care

Musher’s Secret

When Monty’s paws need some extra attention I’ll use Musher’s Secret to repair and toughen them up. This helps prevent his paw pads from breaking again while on out on the trails.

Ruffwear Boots

Some things are worth paying extra for and his boots are one of those. When it comes to Ruffwear boots for dogs the quality is exceptional but my favorite part is being able to order in pairs. This allows me to purchase a bigger size for Monty’s front paws and a smaller size for his back paws. I’ve had no issues with these boots slipping off- they stay on great!

Ruffwear Socks

To prevent blisters, just like human feet, I put these socks on under the boots. It may sound silly at first, but once you use them you’ll notice the difference. They also keep dew claws tucked in, help keep the boots secure, and make it easier to slip the boots on.

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