Get ready to gear up!

A complete list of all the gear Monty and I use and love- from beginner to upgraded.

Having the proper gear for the great outdoors is essential if you want a safe and enjoyable adventure. It can seem overwhelming at first, especially with so many brands out there. But part of the journey is to find and test different brands and products in order to find what you like.

You don’t have to start with the most expensive thing on the market. Trust me, I understand that some of this gear can get expensive. That is why I’ve included my beginner bargain deals alongside the gear I’ve upgraded to over time.

We all have to start somewhere, and my hope is that this page will help you find outdoor gear that you will love too!

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My main day hikinging pack is the Osprey Skarab 30L. I opt for a slightly bigger pack so I can fit my tripod and any extra’s for Monty. I love this pack and can’t see myself changing it anytime soon!

The day hiking pack that I began with was the Mountain Top 40L. It is a little on the bigger side but they have smaller options and are great quality. For the price this was perfect for starting out. It has just about everything you need besides the hip support.

This Camelpack pack comes with a 1.5L of water which is perfect for a trail run or short urban hike. I can also put mini waterbottles in the front if I want to carry more water.

My Northface 55L backpacking backpack has plenty of space for a couple days worth of essentials.


This Osprey hydration pack allows me to easily hydrate while on the go. I have a 2.5L size for in my pack and it fits perfectly.

On long hikes or while in the backcountry I carry a Hydroflask 32oz water bottle with me. It is important to have just incase my hydropack fails me!


I began hiking with the Adidas Terrex hiking shoe and never strayed away because I love them so much. They are extremely durable, supportive, and have excellent grip. I didn’t even have to wear them in- they were perfect right out of the box.

I love the Chaco Z Clouds for water hikes or easy summer trails. The treads are super durable! There is a bit of wear-in time since at first my feet weren’t used to the straps rubbing, but it eventually went away.

I recently upgraded my hiking boot to the Salomon X Ultra 4 Mid GTX. These are extremely durable, waterproof, and comfortable. I like to wear my hiking boots if I’m in alpine areas or if the weather is muddy/wet.

My first hiking boot was the Columbia Newton Ridge and I still use them as a backup today. Years later and they are in great shape. These are perfect beginner hiking boots due to the price point! I only upgraded them because I wanted a little better quality and more support.


The Garmin Inreach Mini 2 is essential for outdoor safety. I’ve never had to use the SOS button but knowing it is there is comforting. I keep the monthly subscription going and have messaging capabilities.

This medical kit is enough for two people and has a little bit of everything in it. I’ve only had to use minor things from it, but I always keep it in my back for emergencies!

This Sawyer Water Filtration is what I carry with me to purify water during certain hikes/areas. It works great!

I purchased this Keychain Siren for when I SOLO travel. It gives me a piece of mind when I’m going to and from my car, sleeping, or out on the trail. It is LOUD!

These rechargable headlamps are great for the price point. I love that I can charge them with the battery pack I carry versus having to buy batteries. I may upgrade these at some point, but they’ve worked great for years and I rarely have to use them.

This Emergency Blanket stays in my pack with me for every hike because you never know when you may need it. I use the extras from the bundle pack for my friends when they come along!


The Sony Alpha 7iii is my first professional camera so I don’t have much to compare it to. But, I love it. It does have some weight to it, but it is durable and produces great quality photos. It has been a good camera to learn photography with!

This Tamron 28-75mm lens is what I use to take all of my photos with. It was a lot cheaper than the Sony lenses, especially when starting out. It pairs with the Sony Alpha 7iii perfectly. I may upgrade this eventually, but for now it gets the job done on a budget.

I’ve tried several tripods over the years and this Travel Tripod has been my favorite. It fits perfectly in my pack, is lightweight yet durable, and holds my camera well in both portrait and landscape directions. For this amazing price point it cannot be beat!

New to hiking?

Check out my guide for starting out with hiking. Geared towards beginners, this guide covers everything from how to choose a trail, how to pack, all the way to how to find other like-minded people to hike with.




Monty’s Front Range Dog Day Pack has worked wonderfully for him. It is adjustable, padded, and has plenty of storage space. I especially like that it still allows him full range of motion in the front and has a grab handle on top. Very durable fabric too!

This Bungee Dog Leash has made hiking so much easier! I’m able to have my hands free but still keep Monty on a leash.

Using a Collapsible Dog Bowl is game changer and will ensure your dog gets all the water they need on the trail. I clip it to the top of Monty’s backpack for easy access during water breaks.


The most important thing is to have Ruffwear Dog Boots on hand incase of paw injury, or to protect paws from hot and cold surfaces. These are waterproof and extremely durable. You can order in pairs which means you can get different sizes for front and back paws. They stay on better that way!

Dog Socks are actually very useful as silly as they may seem. They help prevent blisters from the boots and help keep the boots nice and secure so you don’t lose them during adventures.

The secret to tough paws has been Mushers Secret Paw Wax. I apply it consistently before, between, and after adventures to help toughen up Monty’s paws and prevent injuries while on the trails.


Having a Poop Pack Out Bag has been wonderful. I bag Monty’s poo and store it in here so there is extra protection to help with the scent. I don’t even carry it…he does in his pack!

Having Earth Rated Poop Bags on hand to pick up after your pooch is very important! I like these unscented poop bags because they are a good price for quality. They aren’t too thin!