Superstition Mountain Caves- Broadway Cave.

5 Stunning Superstition Mountain Caves For Your Bucket-List

The Superstition Mountains are the leftover remnants of volcanic activity from millions of years ago. Between eruptions, fissures, and years of erosion, we are left with the rugged mountain range we know today. Including some impressive caves.

I had no idea there were so many caves in the Superstition Mountains until I started exploring more of the mountain range myself! For some reason caves are just exciting to find. May be the allure of their grand entrances or the frame they create for photos. Nonetheless, the hunt for cool cave hikes never stops.

In this guide I’m going to share with you 5 Superstition Mountain caves you can visit. Photos, trail details, and more. Let’s dig in!

5 Superstition Mountain Caves

In no certain order are 5 stunning Superstition Mountain cave hikes I’m excited to share with you. Be sure to check out each trail guide linked under each cave for more in depth details!

Please also practice the Leave No Trace Principals and keep these caves free of trash and vandalism. The Superstition Mountains are rugged and have many different types of wildlife that utilize these caves. From mountain lions to bats, and snakes to who knows what else! We’re trespassing into their habitats so please be respectful.

1. Herman’s Cave

Herman's Cave | Superstition Mountains Cave.

Hiking Distance | 13.72 miles RT
Difficulty | Difficult
Trailhead | Dutchman Trailhead

Arguably the most impressive cave in the Superstition Mountains is Herman’s Cave and it happens to be the most difficult of all to reach. The cave entrance is HUGE and can easily be missed since it is tucked back in the side of a mountain off the main trail.

You’ll need to be confident in your navigational skills, have some grit to make it up the steep slope to the cave, and have no fear of heights to walk out to the point you see me standing on in the photo! Also bats were present when I visited this cave, so there’s that too.

From Dutchman Trail 104 to Whiskey Springs Trail to Red Tanks Trail, there are a few important trail intersections you’ll need to navigate during your hike. Downloading the offline map for this one is highly recommended as there are many intersecting trails, and not to mention this is a very remote area you don’t want to get lost in.

Check out the full trail guide below for more in depth details on this remote cave!

Read the full guide: Finding Herman’s Cave In The Superstition Mountains

2. Broadway Cave

Broadway Cave- Superstition Mountain Cave.

Hiking Distance | 4 miles RT
Difficulty | Easy – Moderate
Trailhead | Broadway Trailhead

An easy to get to cave is the Broadway Cave for it is on the edge of the western side of the Superstition Mountain range. The mouth of the cave can be seen from a several miles away yet it took me a few years to actually notice it! When looking out of the window you’ll notice the very unique shape which I think resembles a witches hat. But you tell me.

I think hiking to Broadway Cave for sunset it most fun! If you’re in for a little thrill definitely stay for sunset. The cave itself goes back further than most and it is very creepy at night. The city lights off in the distance also make for a great backdrop!

This is a great cave for beginner hikers, families, and visitors! Check out the full trail guide below for more in depth information.

Read the full guide: How To Find Broadway Cave In The Superstition Mountains, AZ

3. Wave Cave

Wave Cave- Superstition Mountain Cave.

Hiking Distance | 3 miles RT
Difficulty | Moderate
Trailhead | Carney Springs Trailhead

Wave Cave is definitely the most popular and Instagram worthy cave in the Superstition Mountains! The unique shape resembles a wave and the photo op is to of course ‘ride the wave’.

It is a fun little hike but also very beautiful. I always recommend this one to new hikers and Arizona visitors! The only caveat is that you have to drive a few miles down a dirt road. Peralta Road is well graded and can be traveled with 2WD, but some people don’t want to take their sedans down the road or even a rental car.

Still, if you can make it out this way you won’t be disappointed! The area is stunning all the way from the drive down Peralta Road to hiking up to the Wave Cave. Sunrise is especially special!

Read the full guide: Local Guide To Wave Cave: Superstition Mountains Hidden Gem

4. Shaka Cave

Shaka Cave- Superstition Mountains Cave.

Hiking Distance | 2.5 miles RT
Difficulty | Easy
Trailhead | Carney Springs Trailhead

If you visit the Wave Cave you can also add in another- Shaka Cave! This one is on the smaller side compared to all caves in the Superstition Mountains. It is tucked back and hidden by desert vegetation. It isn’t until you hike almost right up to the cave entrance that you even notice it!

From the Carney Springs Trailhead and back it is only a 2.5 mile hike. However since both caves share a portion of the Carney Springs Trail, it would be a little less if you combine it with your hike to the Wave Cave. In my opinion if you’re to do one, you might as well do both!

There also is a seasonal waterfall not far from the Shaka Cave. Visit the trail guide below to find out more information!

Read the full guide: Coming soon!

5. Unknown Name Cave

Superstition Mountain Caves- Black Cross Butte.

Hiking Distance | 2.5 miles RT
Difficulty | Easy
Trailhead | 33.56019, -111.35458

I debated whether I wanted to share this unknown named cave or not. After time has passed and seeing many others hike this area with no issues, I figured I caught it at a bad time. Because this is the cave where I had my first Mountain Lion encounter.

The cave is located about 100 yards off the trail when hiking past Black Cross Butte to the Salt River overlook. You can see it in the large rocky range ahead as you approach, and the view out of the cave is much more impressive than it looks like it would be!

Seems like such a neat little find, that is unless there is a Mountain Lion near. I’ve seen some reports of bones (years ago) left in the cave, including actual hoofs chewed off of the goats. When I visited there were no bones, but the lion was literally just outside of the cave entrance when I was in it.

You can read my trip report below and decide for yourself if you want to visit it! Just always proceed with caution. Make noise, stay alert, and travel with a group!

This cave is off the trail of this hike: How To Hike Black Cross Butte To Salt River Overlook

Honorable Mentions

There is one more Superstition Mountain cave than I have listed in this post! But, I’m human and only have so much time to adventure. I still wanted to list it below so you are aware and can hike to it if you’d like.

I hope to reach this cave real soon in order to add more information to this guide!

  • Geronimo Cave – near Peralta Trail.

Tips For Your Superstition Mountain Cave Hikes

  • Bats live in caves so don’t be surprised if you see/hear them zipping past you!
  • Mountain Lions and other animals can use caves for shelter, etc. Always be cautious when entering a cave and be loud so they can hear you approaching. The last thing you want to do is sneak up on a wild animal and make them feel cornered!
  • Watch for rattlesnakes especially during the warmer months. They are known to meander into the Wave Cave and also hide in the bushes along all trails.
  • Pictures always turn out best when the sun is high in the sky and light is filtering into the cave! It just takes some post editing, but I love how the sun saturates the rock and lightens up the photo.
  • Wave Cave is great for sunrise!

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To recap, below is your bucket-list for the caves in Superstition Mountains!

  • Herman’s Cave
  • Broadway Cave
  • Wave Cave
  • Unknown Cave near Black Cross Butte

Hunting for caves is fun, but a few of these are one and done for me. Herman’s cave is the most impressive in my opinion, but it is a far hike and the scramble up to to cave itself is not very fun. Probably won’t be returning to that one!

The unknown cave near Black Cross Butte is another I won’t be returning to! I love the window this cave creates, but because of my personal experience with a mountain lion near it, I just don’t ever want to return myself.

Wave Cave and Broadway Cave are two I’ll always repeat! They are perfect short hikes to bring a friend, family, or even my dog Monty to.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please share in the comments if you’ve visited any of these caves yourself, or if they’ll be going on your bucket-list!

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